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Art of Plating Challenge: Chef Joachim

A simple dinner plate is the canvas of a chef's delicious art. But what happens when we ask world-renowned chef and founder of the Patina Group Joachim Splichal to prepare and plate a dish for two gorgeous Bernardaud plates that are already an art within themselves? A lesson in the ART OF PLATING.

Joachim Splichal may say he cooks, but those less burdened by humility would say he allows his art to become one with another. We can nearly hear the acclaimed celebrity chef chuckling heartily at the mere suggestion. But as GEARYS witnessed in the kitchen of his San Marino home, even the plates would beg to differ with his modesty. Placing a lush bounty of gently sautéed prawns and fresh vegetables within the dichromatic hands of ‘Je te Mangerais dans la Main’, it seemed as if only now the plate was as it was always meant to be. In ‘Venise’, he saw luxury fit for a Russian tsar and on the finest Limoges porcelain lined with a lavish 24kt gold design, he created a taste that is absolutely priceless.

Chef Joachim breaks down his art plate by plate in a post-challenge interview located on the first image on the right. To view Chef Joachim’s page in our 2015 Style Book, click on the cover of our book, located on the bottom right of the page.


With Bernardaud, the feast begins before a drop of food hits the porcelain. Every morsel is seemingly elevated to high art when the table is set with plates that bear their mark. No one understands this more intimately than chefs of the world’s premiere fine dining restaurants. Bernardaud is the canvas to their art. For the company’s 150th anniversary, world-renowned artists of multiple mediums were invited to place their art within the confines of the famed French round canvas. Mesmerized by the results, we asked if any art form could truly live on a canvas that is an art within itself. Chef Joachim Splichal of Patina, Ari Rosenson of CUT, and Hugo Bolaños of Hotel Bel-Air answered, and so began a lesson in the art of plating.

Delve into depths of the Art of Plating with the Executive Chef of CUT at the Bevelry Wilshire Chef Ari and Head Chef Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel-Air Chef Hugo.