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Award Season Entertaining

Treat your guests to an Oscar-worthy entertaining experience with GEARYS and celebrity event planner Gina Wade’s favorite award season viewing-party pieces.

GEARYS knows a thing or two about award season. For decades, celebrities and stylists alike have turned to our jewelry experts to provide that final, finishing touch to their Academy Award-winning look. The red carpet of the Oscars is truly a who’s who of our most luxurious vendors, featuring Fred Leighton, Kwiat, Rahaminov, and Rolex, to name a few. You may not be dripping in diamonds or up for an Oscar, but in the words of celebrity event planner Gina Wade, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the glamour of Hollywood life and entertaining to you. As both the mind behind the Vanity Fair Oscar party and a former GEARYS-registered bride, Wade is particularly well-versed in A-list glamour. So when mega-popular women’s lifestyle website POPSUGAR asked for her advice on “How To Throw An Award-Winning Viewing Party”, it’s no wonder she mixed and matched with her favorite GEARYS tableware.

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Tips for an Award-Winning Viewing Party

1. Pick the theme

TIP: Mix high and low items together with style

2. Set up the buffet

3. Group each item into moments on your table

4. Plate your snacks

5. Celebrate with a signature cocktail

TIP: Frozen berries double as glamorous ice cubes

Check out Gina Wade’s official blog From Hollywood to Home for more entertaining tips featuring glamorous GEARYS pieces.