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Behind the Design

L’Objet Founder takes us East for the
10th Anniversary Collection “Sous Le Ciel”

Few brands honor ancient craftsmanship as richly and diversely as L’OBJET. Both subtle and overt Mediterranean aesthetics unite collections miles and millennia apart, connecting royal inspirations in Alencon, France to the shimmering waves of the Aegean just as the ancient Roman roads once did at the height of empire. But for their Spring 2014 collection “Sous Le Ciel”, L’OBJET turned toward the East, to China’s great Han dynasty. The result is breathtaking. Luxurious metallics meet the brilliant white of Limoges porcelain, evoking the Chinese emperors once known as the “Sons of Heaven”.

This year, L’OBJET celebrates their ten year anniversary. Founder, Creative Director, and President Elad Yifrach took a moment to share the inspirations and insights behind “Sous Le Ciel” with GEARYS Beverly Hills.

Previous inspirations of L’OBJET collections have taken us throughout ancient and modern Europe. Spring 2014 now brings us to 250 B.C. Han China. Creatively, how did you arrive in the East?

– For our 10th anniversary collection, I was looking to challenge myself with a point of reference and inspiration that comes from a time in history so ancient [that it] required a lot of reading, research and imagining. There are not many images or places you could travel to discover the remains of this great dynasty, yet it was one of the most important times in Chinese history, innovations and artistic expansion. The Han dynasty saw the birth of a wealth in poetry, literature, philosophy, and art, as well as the development of a number of artisianal techniques that still exist today. This collection, Sous le Ciel, pays homage to their world.

“Sous Le Ciel” debuts during the Year of the Horse –a recurring symbol of power and prestige in your collection and honored by the Chinese as “heavenly horses”. What drew you to include such a strong symbol among more delicate pieces?

– The Horse symbolizes a big part [of] Chinese culture. Horses from the Han dynasty, in particular, still today are considered as the purest breed and are called Heavenly Horses-it inspired me to reimagine them in porcelain and metal. Two thousand fourteen is the year of the horse and it had an organic and genuine connection to the story I was telling.

L’OBJET often pays modern homage to the artful craftsmanship of the past. What does L’OBJET have in common with those craftsmen?

– They are the soul of the brand, without their skills and craftsmanship I wouldn’t be able to bring my ideas and imagination to life. I work with artisans from all over the world, most are of older generations and some younger, [but] they all have great passion for what we create together.

Part of the pleasure of luxury dinnerware is the ability to integrate art into everyday life. In your mind, what experience does the Han collection “bring to the table”, so to speak?

– A refined experience and quality is the base for any luxury brand, with this new collection I hope it also expands the imagination and makes you travel to an ancient time in history. The inspiration for the collection dates to 250 B.C yet it has an unmistakable modern sensibility - to me, it's the best of both worlds.

L’OBJET draws inspiration from every corner of the globe. As an avid and perpetual traveler, what among your travels is currently inspiring you?

– South Asia is on my mind lately - Thailand, Myanmar, and India. Every year I try to add few new places and cultures to discover. The world is like a book and one who does not travel is only reading the first page.

About L’Objet

L’OBJET is the vision of Elad Yifrach. Quality is his mantra, and all the firm’s offerings are his own original designs. A lifelong traveler and devotee of the Mediterranean, Elad is enamored of its peoples and ways, and especially its venerable traditions of craft. His designs, on the one hand, represent a spirited homage to these great artisans and their achievements. But he also aspires to extend and exceed them, as his work makes clear, through painstaking effort and imagination, to the very pinnacle of excellence.

Roll your fingers over the sharply contoured relief of this porcelain finish—quality like this is to be caressed—and you will feel the weight and the depth and delicacy that Elad craves. This is passion. Elad believes you never give up on passion. It is imagination. It is invention. But most of all—this being the Mediterranean trait par excellence—it is commitment to a life of beauty.

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