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Fine Dining with Hering Berlin

After 300 years of tradition, the youngest European porcelain manufacturer, Hering Berlin, has succeeded in creating enthusiasm for their work amongst the style-conscious across the globe. Now, you’re invited to an inside look at an avant garde culinary experience with Hering Berlin - fine dining stripped down to the essence of style.

There is an old magic trick, where a man in an elegant suit approaches a table heavy with fine china, grasps the white linen tablecloth and pulls. Spectators observe with bated breath, bracing themselves for a surprise or a devastating orchestra of shattered glass against fracturing porcelain.

In a sense that is what German designer Stefanie Hering set out to do - except her breath was hardly bated. Shortly after the Berlin Wall came down, Hering opened a studio in the Prenzlauer Berg district of Berlin. It was from here that she would ignite a quiet revolution, pulling the linen out from under an old tradition of fine china defined by baroque shapes, elaborate scrolls, and sumptuous decoration.

She set about changing that tradition. A new fine dining experience was born, fueled by innovative forms and pure porcelain handcrafted with an architectural touch. Hering Berlin has taken the old idea of fine china off the display shelf and onto the table as art meant for everyday living.

From Berlin to Hollywood
Twenty years later, we see her work being used by top chefs throughout the world. Hollywood stars eat off her plates from Wannsee, where the designer and ceramics expert now lives. Hering Berlin has friends from Los Angeles to Taipei. Both new 5-star hotels in Berlin – the Stue and the Waldorf Astoria – have equipped their restaurants with Hering Berlin.

A Quiet Revolution
It was in that very Waldorf Astoria, at the heart of the boom in Berlin City West, that the manufacturer opened its flagship store in 2013. Hering Berlin now has showrooms in New York and Bologna, in Vorarlberg, Istria and Taiwan. In the Far East, Hering Berlin is sometimes said to have been responsible for a silent revolution. In 2009 Stefanie Hering won Gold at the Ceramics Biennale in Korea. In her view, the effect and power of porcelain as a material had been lost in sheer ornamentation. She works with the pure beauty of the material. And Hering Berlin manufactures its products with the skills of only the finest craftsmen and women. As a result, Stefanie Hering has become an ambassador for German craftsmanship.

Great Message
You will not find traditional tea or dining sets here. Hering Berlin stands for a new kind of culinary experience and more relaxed hospitality. The porcelain does not prescribe a fixed ritual. Hering Berlin opens up possibilities. Hering Berlin changes rooms - including the room for manoeuvre of hosts and gourmets the world over. Stefanie Hering maintains the relationship with the past and creates the new. Hering Berlin now produces tableware, drinking glasses, table textiles and lamps, all bearing the stamp of her personality and creativity.

In 2013 Hering Berlin, porcelain manufacturer for the 21st century, received the Gold Design Award from the Federal Republic of Germany.

Hering Berlin - The Essence of Fine Dining

About Hering Berlin
Designer and ceramics expert, Stefanie Hering, founded her porcelain factory in 1992. Today, Hering Berlin manufactures tableware, drinking glasses, table textiles and lamps. Hering Berlin challenges the established image of the traditional table. Baroque or Bauhaus? The answer is neither! Hering Berlin has no obligation to any style but its own: a clean-lined aesthetic which relies on the sheer qualities of the material – toge- ther with first-class workmanship and flexibility of function. It is all about new pat- terns of hospitality, a love of life, gourmet pleasures and the joy of good design. Works by Hering Berlin can change your day! As a manufacturer for the 21st century, Hering Berlin stands for impeccable crafts- manship, hand-made in Germany - for the essence of fine dining.

Some of the world’s best chefs work with Hering Berlin porcelain: Massimo Bottura (Osteria la Francescana, Modena, IT), Jean-Georges Klein (L’Arnsbourg, Baerenthal, FR), Heston Blumenthal (The Fat Duck, Berkshire, UK), Johannes King (Sölringhof, Sylt, DE), Stefan Hermann (Bean&Beluga, Dresden, DE), Michael Kempf ( Facil, Mandala, Berlin), Cesar Ramirez (The Brooklyn Fare, NY, USA).

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