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Seeing Stars

Ask a spectator who the stars of the red carpet are and they will rattle off a dozen glamorous actresses and nominees. Ask a stylist mid-award season and they will say Kwiat. With the launch of the Starry Night Collection, it has never been a more appropriate answer.

Inspired by the otherworldly glimmer of the stars, the collection cuts a celestial spark into every facet of their diamonds and suspends them in heavenly designs. From Elizabeth Olsen in stack of Kwiat rings at the Gotham Awards, Claire Danes in studs at the Golden Globes, and Natalie Portman in an Art Deco cuff at the Oscars, Kwiat gives the stars their sparkle. Now explore the divinely designed Starry Night Collection – not just a star in their own right, but an entire constellation.

Keep an eye out for Kwiat on the red carpets this award season and get the GEARYS preview by browsing our favorite KWIAT jewels.

In 1907, Sam Kwiat began what would grow to be one of the most trusted family-owned houses of diamond jewelry design. Kwiat continues to captivate our imaginations with breath-taking diamonds and inspired diamond jewelry. From engagement rings to gala-worthy pieces to everyday signatures, you’ll notice the jewelry’s femininity and delicacy and how the stones seem to float weightlessly. Every Kwiat design is created to celebrate the company’s extraordinary diamonds and the woman who wears them.

With a passion for beauty and a deep understanding of gemstones, Kwiat has spent more than a century cutting diamonds to bring out their brilliance. Each and every stone achieves their own strict standards and meets the criteria to receive the GIA’s excellent cut grade. Adhering to the techniques passed down from one generation to the next, Kwiat precisely cuts each stone to reveal the maximum brilliance from within and designs every piece of jewelry to be worthy of the Kwiat name.

Kwiat is dedicated to creating diamond jewelry that is destined to become a family heirloom. With every piece of jewelry Kwiat is proud to exceed customer expectations. The company`s long-standing reputation for integrity, loyalty and commitment to its customers makes Kwiat the diamond jewelry brand to trust.