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Rahaminov Diamonds

Rahaminov Diamonds Rahaminov Diamond Bands

Founded in Valenza Po, Italy by Moshe Rahaminov and his older brother, Rahaminov Diamonds has been a trusted purveyor of top-quality, beautifully cut large and rare diamonds for more than 70 years. With the addition of Moshe’s daughter Tamara, Rahaminov evolved into a true jewelry design house. Tamara, unmistakably her father's daughter, followed her entrepreneurial instincts and indulged her interest in jewelry design to create chic and highly collectible pieces.

Rahaminov Diamonds' jewelry designs are executed in platinum and 18 karat gold and incorporate not only classic white and fancy colored diamonds, but also polished natural color rough diamonds in hues ranging from translucent to opaque. The collections include unusual cuts beyond traditional shapes that are expertly faceted to highlight and enhance each stone's basic shape. Each piece of jewelry designed by Tamara Rahaminov Goldfiner is one-of-a-kind, and customized around the beautiful diamonds that inspire the designs. Exquisitely manufactured to exacting standards, even the most modest offerings of Rahaminov Diamond’s jewelry are of meticulous quality.

Rahaminov Diamonds' designs are also set apart from other luxury jewelers because of Tamara's understanding of what today's woman wants to wear - jewelry that is classic but has a stylish edge and is versatile enough for day and evening wear. This is not jewelry that will be put away and stored in a vault - this is jewelry to wear and enjoy. With its new men's collection, Rahaminov Diamonds also offers sophisticated designs that appeal to men. With a wide range of price points, Rahaminov Diamonds offers something that appeals to every woman and man.

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