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Play of Light

A diamond’s cut unleashes the light within, they say. French crystalmaker Saint-Louis is no stranger to the play of light that occurs when one works in translucent arts, and wondered what would occur when the best craftsmen in France took a jeweler’s eye to crystal. Diamond cut and fashion designed, the Diamantic Collection was born. Take a look at the latest contemporary vase collection in a history of gorgeous crystal designs from the legendary Cristalleries Royale de Saint-Louis.

Created in cooperation with designer Benoît-Pierre Emery, the new Diamantic range pays tribute to the work of diamond-cutters, artisans of the infinitely precise. In a fresh take on its original form, the diamond-cut injects rhythm into the vases whose design is based on a sleek concept of unusual proportions. As a decorative set, these vases reveal the magic of their radiant dynamics with enchanting harmony. Captivated by the vertical purity of each vase, the imprisoned light provides a flurry of scintillating reflections.

See our featured products on the right to explore the design history of Europe’s oldest glassmaker, from the contemporary innovation of Diamantic to the iconic Tommy vase of 1938.

Cristalleries Royale de Saint-Louis

First established as a glassmaker in 1586 northeastern France, Saint-Louis gained its title of Royal Manufacturer two centuries later with the discovery of the crystal recipe, becoming the first crystal manufacturer in Continental Europe. Today, its master glassmakers, cutters, and engravers still craft exceptional glasses, vases, and chandeliers according to traditional craftsmanship perfected generation after generation for more than 4 centuries.

Saint-Louis has seamlessly transitioned into the 21st century with contemporary creations while maintaining its regal heritage, emerging as a symbol of French expertise in the highest quality crystal.

Vibrant colors, mouth-blown crystal, hand-cut and 24-carat gold decoration are some of the most striking features of the Saint-Louis crystal. Each Saint-Louis creation carries the soul of the craftsmen who have made it, and a piece of history. In fact, Tommy was featured at the first reception given for King George VI in 1938 in Versailles, and is used to this date for official state receptions.

Saint-Louis became a part of Hermes in 1989 and still manufactures all its creations in its historical workshop in Lorraine, France. Both the workshop and the museum are open to the public for visits.