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Festival of Brides & Rainbow Galleria

An upscale wedding planning event at the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills.

From the moment a proposal is accepted until the final, memorable walk down the aisle, couple’s lives are a whirlwind affair. Everything from cake tastings to selecting the perfect invitations fill up the days until the ceremony. While many couples seek out their dream ceremony and honeymoon on their own, others look to the world of bridal shows, especially Festival of Brides and Rainbow Galleria. GEARYS is very excited to be one of the luxury vendors present to help newly engaged couples create the wedding registry of their dreams.

The Festival of Brides and Rainbow Galleria has been producing extraordinary upscale wedding shows in the Los Angeles area with the talent of legendary wedding planner, Mary Anne Bradley. Having planned luxury events such as the Tournament of Roses Wedding, the Wedding at the Wall in Berlin and many Celebrity Weddings, couples are in the best of hands with Bradley leading the way towards luxury at the Festival of Brides and Rainbow Galleria. Featuring more than 50 luxury wedding vendors, the event left no stone unturned for those in the midst of wedding planning. Guests were delighted with decadent food & cake tastings, searched for their dream gown at a haute couture runway show, and set up registries to fulfill their every need to #EntertainBeautifully with GEARYS.

We were delighted to be included in the luxury wedding event of the season and enjoyed helping couples put together a wedding registry that merges their tastes and helps them make their house a home. Our consultants were in attendance, ready to assist in the process to ensure no item is left off. We had an amazing time with all the soon-to-be newlyweds at the Festival of Brides & Rainbow Galleria events, and we can't wait to help you curate your dream registry very soon!

Yours Truly,
Tom and the GEARYS Team