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Floral Artistry

Create A Masterpiece of Your Own

There’s nothing quite like the fragrance and beauty of May flowers blooming, except for bringing the outdoors inside with a fabulous floral arrangement. Throughout history flowers have been used to mark important occasions from births to deaths and everything between. Their significance in time varies between a desire to show physical beauty to symbolic uses — such as a white rose to denote purity in wedding ceremonies across the world. Flower arrangements are also the perfect touch to liven up a room. Floral artistry, also known as floral set design, is an age-old tradition that helps to set the ambiance of a room, fashion show, building or even outdoor space. Famous floral artists such as Jeff Leatham, Thierry Boutemy, and Neill Strain showcase beauty and ingenuity in all of their designs. You don’t need to be one of the pros to lavishly decorate your home with flowers. GEARYS has a delightful array of vases and floral suggestions to help you achieve floral greatness — whether you’re looking for a one vase look or multiples paired together.

Picking out the proper vase sets the tone of the room, as well as the bouquets and flowers that will adorn them. Whether you’re looking for something tall, short, eloquent or simple, the vase will help everything else fall into place. We love the Waterford John Rocha Red Vase to give the space a touch of romance. This vase features the classic element of color paired with the band of striking cuts around the rim. The combination is of a mysterious styling of the Red Cut Collection with the comforting weight and stability expected from Waterford's hand-crafted fine crystal. We recommend red, white and pink roses cut with the stem long and a sprinkling of baby’s breath throughout to make the area blossom with romance. If you love red but are looking for a different vibe try red amaryllis flowers, white star-gazer lily’s and a few peach roses to tie the arrangement together.

Bring the light and airy elements of spring inside with our stunning Corals Small Vase. Starting with a bright blue, the color shifts to a stunning green at the top, giving it a wonderful pop of lively color. Each piece is handcrafted, which allows for slight hue variations that make every piece one-of-a-kind. Less is more with artwork like this vase, and we recommend a variety of white blooms to dress this one. One avenue to explore would be a thick-cut bunch of white roses; elegant and simple. However, we prefer variety and love to mix white calla lilies, hydrangeas, and foxglove for a bouquet as unique as the vase.

Another beautiful piece is the Red Tulip Vase by Daum. This vase creates a dramatic effect by utilizing the look of leaves, but is a more dramatic pop of color perfect for someone looking for a vivid container to catch your eye. Daffodils, sunflowers, daises and a sprig or two of baby’s breath set a playful and bright tone that contrast well with the bright red.

If you prefer shorter vases, the Country Sophie Steel Blue Vase is stylish and has a variety of color options if you are not fond of the indigo blue. This round, handmade vase has a subtle swirl pattern in the crystal that gives it a statement piece feel even without flowers. There are many ways you can fill this vase, but we recommend sticking with a color theme to match. Violets paired with a subtle amount of white orchids complete with their greenery make for an elegant touch that does not over power a room.

No matter the color of your room or the look you wish to create with flowers, GEARYS has the vase for you. For more vases see our entire collection.

Yours Truly,
Tom & the GEARYS Team