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#UpstairsAtGEARYS with Lalique & The Macallan

A unique evening showcase of Lalique's Nature Sauvage collection with a premiere whiskey tasting from The Macallan.

Our most recent #UpstairsAtGEARYS event was a wonderful evening filled with beautiful pieces of art and delightful whiskey tastings. GEARYS partnered with Lalique and The Macallan for an evening to remember. Our cocktail party was an effortless blend of beauty and sophistication which invoked the splendor of the jungle in all its glory right in our event space.

We loved seeing the upstairs of our flagship store transformed into a magnificent rendition of the jungle through floral design and the Nature Sauvage collection from Lalique. The brilliant sculptures were expertly placed in lush greenery and beautifully exotic flowers. The Champs Elysees Bowl in gold, clear and green were nestled around our #UpstairsAtGEARYS space in greenery perfectly reminiscent of the jungle. The matching Champs Elysees Vase with delicate etched leaves made these pieces excellent additions for the celebration of their Nature Savuage collection. Polished crystal black Crocodile Sculptures were set near clear Rhinoceros Sculptures. Breathtaking Gorilla Sculptures and remarkable Limited Edition Elephant Sculptures completed the vibrancy of the jungle right in Beverly Hills. Each and every element showcased the magnificent way Lalique has brought jungle animals to life in their new collection.

Scrumptious hors d’ouerves were passed while four of Macallan’s finest whiskeys were poured at the bar. Each vintage represented from the Scottish distillers showcased one of their fine practices and expertise in whiskey creation. We were thrilled to have their Limited Edition Number 3 whiskey to share at our event. This sweet and fruity blend was a wonderful addition. Their 12-Year Double Cask Whiskey features American Oak casks which gives a light, vanilla and citrus flavor to the mixture. Similar, but exceedingly unique, is their 18-Year Fine Oak Whiskey. This spicy tropical blend features jasmine and wood smoke tastes which we feel was a wonderful way to show the powerful side of the jungle. The final whiskey to sample was none other than their Rare Cask. What makes this whiskey so rare and savory is the blend of casks—16 to be exact—identified by Master Whiskey Makers and only utilized in the production of one timeless barrel filled with chocolate and vanilla flavors.

We’re marking our most recent #UpstairsAtGEARYS as a smashing success. If you could not join us, we invite you to view our designer jungle through gorgeous photos that highlight the evening we shared with Lalique and The Macallan. We love the way our products truly come to life as we celebrate them in our special evenings. Until next time, we hope you’ll take a look at the entire Nature Sauvage line.

Your truly,
Tom & the GEARYS team

Photography & Videography by Noteworthy Collective