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Villa Lalique

The ultimate symbol of French luxury, Lalique crystal showcases enduring style and elegance.

Touted as “the Debussy of the fair and the Rodin of the transparent...”, René Lalique has become synonymous with the ornate designs of the French Art Nouveau movement and collectors eagerly seek out his works in order to add a touch of sophistication to their homes.

True admirers of his craft can even travel to France, where, nestled in the northern region of Alsace, they can check-in to the Villa Lalique. The former residence of René Lalique has been transformed into an exclusive retreat where guests can stay in one of six swanky suites, each with its own distinct personality named for an emblematic Lalique creation.

But for those that can’t quite make the trip or who just want to recreate the extravagant experience of living Lalique at home, GEARYS offers a collection of Lalique’s crystal creations to emulate each of the six rooms.

Masque de Femme Suite
Inspired by Lalique’s “Mask Woman” panel created in 1935, this suite celebrates the beauty of woman, nature and mythology. The Fantasia Vase, fits this theme to perfection with four protruding female nymphs seemingly emerging from the sea. Let this work of art stand on its own or fill it with your favorite flowers for added grandeur.

Dragon Suite
Swathed in shades of midnight blue and accented with decorative dragons, you can steal this style by placing one of these fanciful creatures on display. Designed to embody the symbolic attributes of strength and beauty, the Small Dragon figurine comes in three colors, amber, clear or red, to match any interior or to add a pop of color to a room.

Hirondelles Suite
Named after the swallows that were a favorite motif of Lalique, this room is decorated in honor of the master glassmaker himself. The Avallon Vase, from the limited edition Hommage Collection, celebrates Lalique’s legacy with a lovely interpretation of one of his original creations from 1927. Crafted with intricate detail, the vase boasts exquisitely sculpted birds indulging in an abundance of sweet grapes – reminiscent of the decorative glass panels that adorn the hotel suite.

Dahlia Suite
The epitome of understated elegance in shades of beige, ivory and gold, this room is both simple and stunning in its design. The subtle contrast between colors draws upon the juxtaposition between frosting and transparency that Lalique is known for in his traditional glass creations. To introduce a bit of Dahlia décor into your room, try the Rayons Large Gold Lustre Bowl. With a gold honeycomb pattern that plays with this notion of contrast, it exhibits angles and curves in satin and clear finishes.

Zeila Suite
A tribute to René Lalique’s granddaughter, Marie-Claude Lalique, who designed the Zeila Panther, this room is fully adorned with the feline figure. The Zeila Panther sculpture in grey, black, clear or amber makes a formidable statement with its sleek, stealthy silhouette embodying strength and grace. Placed on a mantel, shelf or side table, the Zeila Panther will captivate guests with its exquisite details and meticulous craftsmanship that deftly displays the its powerful muscles covered with crystal fur sculpted from thousands of luminous spots.

Rose Suite
Indicative of Lalique’s fondness for floral inspiration, the Rose Suite signifies beauty and femininity with powdery pastel shades and a flower motif. Cultivate your own crystal garden with the Anemone Sculpture in an array of colors. The delicate hand-carved flowers bring a lightness into any room they are displayed. Perfectly pretty as a single flower or beautifully arranged as a bouquet of artful abundance, these intricately crafted flowers are the quintessentially Lalique.

So whether you make it to France, or are simply looking to liven up your living space with Lalique, GEARYS has a comprehensive collection of the company’s crystal creations. The perfect piece awaits you!

Yours Truly,
Tom and The GEARYS Team