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Richard Ginori

With deep cultural roots, a history of excellence and innovation, pieces from this legendary house are a must have for your personal collection.

There’s nothing quite like decorating your home with legendary artisan products. They provide an air of sophistication and beauty that brings a room to life. At GEARYS, we strive to bring the top designers to your collection, and love opportunities to advocate for what makes a brand so great. Placing a spotlight on history, elegance, and design gives us a moment to share with you why your collection is missing that one unique piece. From dinnerware to lighting, Richard Ginori, an authentic Italian manufacturer of “white gold,” also known as porcelain, is one such design house. Pieces have been curated for many luxury hotels and even the Vatican. Today, these beautiful works of art are still made in Florence with the utmost care and precision. With deep cultural roots, a history of excellence and innovation, pieces from this legendary house are a must have for your personal collection.

Once upon a time, a man by the name of Marquis Carlo Ginori dreamed of being the finest “white gold factory” in Italy; and the world. In 1735 his dream was realized when he was able to open a factory in Doccia, near Florence – one that would serve as the main factory for just over 200 years. The creative stride was hit in 1779 when some of the most beloved pieces were created, and a must-have pattern was introduced to dinnerware – the woven pattern. Ginori was an innovator and mastered artwork that would remain popular even today.

From a small family factory to over 1,200 employees by 1889, his dream was coming true.

In 1850, the age of romanticism was ushered in on the wings of travel and fashion. Designs on the now famous porcelain art saw a shift to reflect the growing times, with insects, birds and floral illustrations gracing the white gold art. Ginori sculptor, Urbano Lucchesi, brought fantasy to the wonderful collections through the Macchiaioli school of painting. The subsequent century saw a rise in popularity for the manufactory, owning not one, but two patents. Shortly after, from 1897 to 1898, the oven-proof pirofilia was created and perfected. The famed factory even created items for science; introducing the Euclide Porcelain specifically for labs in 1940.

The phenomenal manufacturer merged with Augusto Richard in 1896, officially taking on the name Richard Ginori.

Every decade brought marvelous changes and talent to the famous manufactory. Giò Ponti was appointed art director in 1923 and heralded a new scene of decorative illustrations which represented the era. The small Italian factory was now a household name, boasting products and designs society’s elite wanted gracing their tables.

As times changed, so did things for the famous design house. Right after World War II, it was decided to move the factory “closer to the road” in Sesto Fiorentino where it remains in operation to this day. In 1954 Richard Ginori continued to prove themselves on the cutting edge of abstraction with the Colonna collection. This stackable model added functionality not previously present in other work. Designer and sculptor, Giovanni Gariboldi, took the lead and pushed the design house to new heights once again.

The decades continued to turn, and Richard Ginori remained one of the top designers, certainly the top Italian one. The pieces shifted to suit the growing trends and favorite themes. In 1985 creative talents were brought by the Great Italian architects and designers including Franco Albini, Sergio Asti, and Enzo Marri.

Known for their spectacular depiction of history and whimsy, in 2013 Richard Ginori caught the eye of famous design house Gucci, and was acquired, though kept its historical name. Gucci’s creative director, Alessandro Michele, took over at Richard Ginori as well, allowing some influence and design to be shared between the two prominent houses.

Today, Richard Ginori is still known for the made in Italy excellence that accompanies each and every piece. Collections include dinnerware that has hand painted elements or are entirely hand painted, crystal, flatware, and lighting. We’re proud to carry many of his wonderful pieces at GEARYS.

The Giardino Dei Semplici Verde Green Dinnerware is a fantastic set for casual affairs and table setting. The pastel green works effortlessly next to the terra cotta colored Greek Key pattern across the top. If you favor a more formal look, we suggest the Fiesole Collection with its delicate 24k gold design work and beautiful design of a Tuscan Village in the center. From coffee pots to sugar bowls, this collection has every piece you need. For a simpler style, consider the Vecchio Collection. Featuring clean white lines and scalloped edges, this collection offers all the beauty of Richard Ginori with a delicate touch.

Create a floral work of art by placing blooms inside the Oriente Italiano Albus Ming Vase. The beautiful mesh of design styles, the black floral design offers a simplistic and lovely tie-in no matter the flowers you choose to display in it.

No matter your style, with over 280 years of design and art, we’re confident Richard Ginori has a collection for you. Take home a piece of the legend today and shop the entire line to find your perfect match.

Yours truly,
Tom & the GEARYS team