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The Registry at GEARYS

This is the registry that fairy tales are made of. We may not have a magic wand, but after 85 years, we've managed to create a registry experience that feels simply magical. Forget about boxes burdening your guests or monitoring the stock on your registry. At GEARYS, you can curate your 'castle' without the worry thanks to our flexible credit system and the concierge touch. So go ahead and happily shop the finest in home décor and tabletop and leave the logistics to your own personal Registry Consultant. Remember, there are no wrong choices in a store that only hosts the best, from legendary brands like Bernardaud and Baccarat to wedding magazine favorites by Juliska, Waterford, and Vera Wang.

Happily ever after doesn’t just happen – sometimes, a little magic is called for. That’s where our Gift Letter Announcement and flexible store credit system come in. Here’s how it works.

Receive your ‘Gift Letter Announcement’ notification email whenever a gift is purchased for you off your registry, allowing you to ‘unwrap’ your gift with one simple click The value of that gift is then instantly added to your registry account as store credit. As you receive more gifts, the credit accumulates. Relax, enjoy your wedding and honeymoon. Whenever you’re ready, make final selections, redeem your gifts, and make arrangements for delivery online, in-store, over the phone or via email with your Registry Consultant.

But what if you had a change of mind or simply have a change of décor? Perhaps a new china pattern caught your eye or you suddenly need a few special serveware pieces for your housewarming party.

As if with the wave of a wand, our flexible store credit system allows you to use the accumulated credit in your account toward absolutely anything in the store – even an entirely new registry.

That is the magic of a registry as flexible as you are.

Begin your registry HERE or contact us at 310-273-4741 / to schedule an in-store Registry appointment. For more on our Registry program, visit our FAQ.