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What A Couple Deserves


Since its introduction in 1924, the wedding registry has acted as a loving expression of support for two people about to embark on a lifetime together, evolving into a wedding ritual of its own as essential as the bouquet toss and “something blue”. Every gift acts as a small celebration of the day, to be relived with each and every piece. GEARYS Beverly Hills respects the tradition of the registry like few others, pioneering an unparalleled personal experience unmatched in convenience and truly the essence of what a couple deserves.

The registry process begins the moment a couple walks through our glass doors. Whether they arrive via appointment or walk-in, couples are warmly greeted by seasoned registry experts with decades of experience who will guide them through both the art and logistics of the wedding registry. With the clock already ticking toward the big day, there’s no need to add further constraints - decisions can take as long as needed in order curate the perfect compliments to their home and tastes.

From the first curious inquiry on particularly beautiful set of flatware until the last dish is unpacked, GEARYS registry representatives provide a personalized experience that answers questions before they are asked and resolves issues before they are problems.

The human element is everything – a list and scanner may seem convenient until a couple ends up an incongruent number of gifts in relation to guests or a cabinet of full beautiful dinner plates, without a clue on how to care for them. There’s no need to constantly monitor the registry for out of stock changes, stationary items or discontinued products – GEARYS consultants do all the worrying and respond with helpful suggestions and proactive solutions.

When a guest selects a gift from the registry, whether in store or through our online service, the couple is sent a letter rather than physical gift – the famed GEARYS Beverly Hills Gift Letter Registry. Enveloped in silver, the Gift Letter provides the couple with a formal announcement of the gift purchase, sent directly to their home. After the big day is celebrated, the honeymoon enjoyed and the home is settled, couples may redeem gifts at their leisure either in-store or through home delivery.

The Gift Letter Registry credits couple’s accounts with the value of the chosen gift, offering the flexibility of using those credits toward redeeming any item. If a last-minute décor change calls for platinum pictures frames rather than gold or if a couple spots a beautiful vase while picking up another gift, they can easily and discreetly make the switch thanks to the credit system.

GEARYS Beverly Hills has one of the largest collections of dinnerware patterns in the country along with an impressive variety of luxury brands, providing the type of options that ensures couples will always find what their looking for. Our customer service is legendary. If there is a product by one of our featured brands that we do not carry, GEARYS will custom order it. And when all is said and done, GEARYS will provide a comprehensive list of guest and gifts for thank-you notes so that couples can express their gratitude with the utmost ease.

At the end of the day, there is what a couple needs and what they want but only at GEARYS Beverly Hills do they two unite into an experience that is the essence of what a couple truly deserves.