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Daum Arabian Horse Head, Limited of 500


Snap up this exceptional limited edition horse sculpture from Daum. The Arabian Horse Head sculpture brings the beauty of the Arabian thoroughbred to life. This meticulously sculpted object reveals the horse’s structured muscles and flowing mane in impressive detail. The warm amber shade of the Arabian Horse Head perfectly reflects the fiery spirit of this gorgeous animal. The Arabian Horse Head is available in a limited edition of 500. It measures 15.9 by 18.5 by 7.5 inches, making for an eye-catching work of art wherever you place it in your home or office.

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Home Décor Decor Sculptures
SKU 2505-0594
Size & Fit

15.9"H X 18.5"L X 7.5"W

Details & Care

Clean with a soft dry cloth

Daum’s Arabian Horse Head, Limited Edition of 500, is a stunning and meticulous rendering of a thoroughbred Arabian horse, complete with flowing mane and prominent muscles. This beautiful sculpture is an eye-catching piece for any space, sure to create conversation wherever it is used.

Daum’s Animal Universe collection includes a wide selection of beautifully rendered animal sculptures in a variety of striking colors. From warm amber horses to royal blue crocodiles, multi-colored fish and starfish and much more, pieces from the Animal Universe bring these wonderful creatures to life and help us to appreciate the natural world and the animal kingdom even more.

Founded in 1878, Daum creates exceptional sculptures, home décor objects, jewelry and limited-edition artworks, all crafted from top-quality materials with exquisite results. The brand has collaborated with over 350 artists and creators over its history, and is a strong proponent of melding artistic creation and modern savoir-faire to produce a continued selection of innovative and beautiful pieces. Expert sculptors and artisans craft Daum’s pieces from pâte-de-cristal, to incredible effect. Any Daum artwork is sure to enhance your living or office space, drawing attention and adding a sophisticated flair.