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October 2014 / GEARYS Beverly Hills

Monthly Archives: October 2014

  • Paris Loves Christofle

    Explore the rich history of the collections that give Paris its unmistakeable silver gleam & take a look at the new classics that will grace museums in generations to come!



  • "Fringe it!" by Laura Bicego

    "Until now I have been trying to banish any thought regarding the end of the summer. Besides the fact this always happens too early, I really did not feel like coping with another cold season.

    But now, especially after the great success of Vioro Fall 2014, I have started to feel that tingling feeling. That hunger and restless craving for new projects and ideas that inspire me at the beginning of every new season: so yes, it’s time to think about the upcoming Autumn-time.

    The expectations regarding the new season within the fashion sector are a lot, as it normally happens. What will the autumn bring to the scene? If we are talking about colours and tendencies, we can’t have any doubt: Pantone is our certainty. Just a quick look to its seasonal report and you can forecast all the colours which will be basically surrounding us for the following 3 months: Aurora Red, Cypress, Cognac, Misted Yellow and Sangria. But this is only part of the inspiration which guided me in my creation process: normally the final outcome of my conception method is a blend between latest fashion tendencies and stimulus from the surrounding environment. The idea for this specially designed necklace was born in a typical autumn day, clouded sky, grey rain, cup of tea on my desk and a pleasant smell of pumpkin soup in the air: it could only have the colours of the autumn! The final result was a gradual shading from cognac brown, mustard yellow, sage green and the transparency of crystals.


    Regarding the design, I can only say one phrase: fringe it! Because the jewellery for autumn transcends the lines of just jewellery. We’re seeing pieces that could be mistaken for garment details, ideal for warm-weather layering. It started last year with detachable collars, and while those aren’t going anywhere, my favourite new trend is the fringe necklace.

    As it happens with all my creations, ancient traditions and the art of the goldsmith world meet and merge with the latest fashion design trends. I really loved to work on this necklace: it was a bit like working brick stick, but using only top materials - 18kt yellow gold and natural stones – to reach my greatest achievement: managing the creation of a prêt-a-porter design piece, that a woman would wear all the time, fully enjoying the pleasure of wearing a precious jewel. Whatever choice in aesthetics you may prefer, the fringe necklace can find a place in your wardrobe."

    Laura Bicego

    Guest blogger Laura Bicego is the creative soul behind NANIS.

    New fashion accessories have come to life through her intuitions and designing abilities. And women can finally give rein to their own creativity. During the years Laura has perfectioned her planning, her natural taste for the shapes and colors, her extraordinary capacity to melt surprisingly in harmony different materials. She is an energetic traveler, curious, open-minded, she loves to observe very meticulously the unexplored boundary of flavors travelling through the territories of the femminility from West to East. Always looking for glimpses and sensations, Laura captures new and interesting sounds, fragrances, nuances and surfaces and all comes into her creations. Geometric designs change shape in the twinkling of an eye, exciting games with the accessories introduce that idea of versatility and fun that only a woman knows. Jewels designed by a woman for a woman.

  • National Chess Day!

    In honor of National Chess Day, strategize your next move with our stylish Ercolano Lucilla chess set.


  • London Calling!

    Our beautiful silver antiques from London have just arrived!  Each item was hand selected by GEARYS President & CEO Thomas Blumenthal, specifically with you in mind.  Visit our flagship store today and take home something special from our one-of-a-kind selection.

    Something beautiful awaits...

    Antiques 02

    The unveiling...

    Antiques 03

    A sneak peek...

    Antiques 04

    Beautiful antiques have just been unpacked & are waiting for you at GEARYS Beverly Hills

    Antiques 05

    Antiques 06

    Antiques 07

    Antiques 08

    Antiques 09

    Antiques 10

    Antiques 11

    Antiques 12

    Antiques 13

    Antiques 14

    Antiques 15

    Don't wait until the last second...visit us today!