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November 2014 / GEARYS Beverly Hills

Monthly Archives: November 2014

  • "LIGHT" by Laura Bicego

    "LIGHT: this is the central theme for the upcoming season, in its perceptive and sensorial aspect, which will give us new eyes to see the future. 2015 will be in fact the 'International Year of Light'.

    The new season colour range will explore the various effects of the light on real objects: winter whitened colours will have sophisticated nuances; the shades will be icy and intense.

    And which stone could best reflect and represent this trend if not ROCK CRYSTAL?

    If we observe the rock crystal stone, we immediately capture the beauty, the geometric perfection of the shapes, and the peculiarity of the structure. The pure crystal is a nude essence: there is nothing inside it; it only discloses the purity of the empty space luminosity, in its perfect symmetry of lines and angles.

    The real interpreters of the season are the materials: the shapes will tend to extreme simplicity and they will find a new life within the essence of the substance. Neutral fashions for fall, in terms of colour and shape-schemes, are what it's all about. Going neutral might seem boring to you, but it is actually anything but boring; once you see how incredibly versatile, complementary and stylish it is.

    For instance, let’s take a simple look at my latest introductions to our Ipanema and Notredame Collections:  the designs are pure, clean, rock crystals are unspoilt. The jewels are light enough in color to not seem flashy, yet also appealing to the eye and great for almost any occasion.  They can be used with brown, black or other bold colors too, if you like.

    Nanis Blog Post 2_Image

    They reflect the new general trend within the fashion industry towards a growing feeling of truthfulness; far from the inclination guided by the need to “appear” at every cost, which has characterized the modern tendencies since the 80’s.

    There is a return to real, pure and beautiful things, but there is no beauty without quality and there is no quality without passion.

    My new creations are genuine and reflect true authenticity. The statement behind them is a new motto: 'Treat Yourself to the Luxury of Simplicity'."

    Laura Bicego

    Guest blogger Laura Bicego is the creative soul behind NANIS.

    New fashion accessories have come to life through her intuitions and designing abilities. And women can finally give rein to their own creativity. During the years Laura has perfectioned her planning, her natural taste for the shapes and colors, her extraordinary capacity to melt surprisingly in harmony different materials. She is an energetic traveler, curious, open-minded, she loves to observe very meticulously the unexplored boundary of flavors travelling through the territories of the femminility from West to East. Always looking for glimpses and sensations, Laura captures new and interesting sounds, fragrances, nuances and surfaces and all comes into her creations. Geometric designs change shape in the twinkling of an eye, exciting games with the accessories introduce that idea of versatility and fun that only a woman knows. Jewels designed by a woman for a woman.

  • 250 Years of Timeless Elegance

    On Sunday, November 23rd, The City of Beverly Hills, The Rodeo Drive Committee, GEARYS Beverly Hills and Baccarat celebrated a night come to life on Rodeo Drive for the 2014 Beverly Hills Holiday Lighting Ceremony. The iconic street has been illuminated like never before with 16 Baccarat crystal chandeliers, 42 iridescent palm trees, and 150,000 lights in a backdrop of confetti snow and fireworks.

    Click the image below or visit for more information about Baccarat's beautiful chandeliers.

    Baccarat Advertorial Slider 623x3872_Nov-Jan

  • London Calling: Behind The Scenes

    Once a year, GEARYS President and CEO Thomas J. Blumenthal travels across the pond to bring you the finest, most fascinating one-of-a-kind antiques that the ages have to offer.  He takes us behind the scenes of this year's journey:

    Read the exclusive Q&A interview here -

    London Calling Hero

  • 2015 Style Book

    Since 1930, it has been our privilege to be there with you throughout life's special moments.

    In a way, this year's Style Book is our moment.  Driven by the spirit of innovation that has made us one of the most iconic retailers in Beverly Hills, we enter our 85th year with an entirely new take on the Style Book.  Through our integration of stunning lifestyle shots, exciting editorials, and interactive features, we hope to bring you into our moment by recreating those that are most special to you.

    Turn the page, join us.

    Thomas J. Blumenthal
    President and Chief Executive Officer

    2015 Style Book