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December 2014 / GEARYS Beverly Hills

Monthly Archives: December 2014

  • Nature Immortalized

    Architecturally cut and geometrically minded, LALIQUE’s take on flora and fauna is nothing like you would expect and everything you could desire. For The Provence Collection, the French luxury lifestyle brand travels to the countryside of Provence, France, where the lavender hillside is dotted with the warm gold of honeycombs. By distilling the essence of its shape into the precise curves and contours of crystal, LALIQUE produces a fragment of nature, modern and immortalized. 

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  • Herend In The Making

    Queen Victoria dined on it and Princess Diana delighted to find it in her Christmas stocking. Now find out how the artisans of Herend handcraft the porcelain pieces preferred by royalty, coveted by collectors, and beloved by all those with classically whimsical tastes. 

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  • Lights, Cameras, Rahaminov

    Go behind the scenes with Rahaminov, as the fresh new face of the brand finds her ‘model moment’.

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  • Behind The Design: NAMBE

    Inside the Nambé Infinity Collection with Wei Young
    Award-winning Nambé designer Wei Young takes us behind the design of the Infinity Collection, a meditation on the infinite appeal of an iconic symbol as it is transformed into art for everyday living.

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    Nambe Hero Shot