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October 2015 / GEARYS Beverly Hills

Monthly Archives: October 2015

  • Alexandra & Mitchell Shymansky


    REGISTRY SPOTLIGHT: Alexandra & Mitchell Shymansky

    Few people want to live in glass houses…or in this case, a glass cabinet kitchen.

    But when you register for beautiful things at GEARYS, you might be tempted. At least that was the case for Alexandra and Mitchell Shymansky. They were faced with a classic couple challenge - remodeling the kitchen of their first home together. The designer suggested glass cabinets, but they decided against it for practicalities’ sake.  First, Annieglass' rich gold rimmed pedestal cake plate came to her door, followed by the stunning reflection in Mary Jurek's Omega pitcher. And finally, the crown jewel: Vera Wang's delicate, silver-touched Grosgrain Platinum fine china. They came from England, just as her husband Mitchell, and had a classic, romantic motif with modern twist reminiscent of Alexandra's sweet personality and millennial modernity.

    "Now I wish I had gone for the glass cabinets!” Alexandra tells us with a laugh. Perhaps that would have been more practical in the end, "Because my friends and family are always looking through my cabinets anyway - they're so beautiful, I don't blame them for looking!"

    Alexandra and Mitchell are this month’s spotlighted registry couple. You can see their beautiful registry (coupled with an even more beautiful photo of the happy couple on their wedding day) on our window display this November. To welcome their arrival to our window, we thought we’d give you a window into how this lovely couple came to grace our storefront. Here’s our Q&A with the Bride and now Mrs. Shymanksy – the lovely Alexandra.

    What was your first date like?
    On our first date, we had talked about everything and anything! We even closed a few restaurants! We shared a lot of the same values and background. I could see that his family was really important to him. You just know sometimes. My mother has never liked past boyfriend. She liked Mitchell immediately! It just all fell into place, perfectly!

    How did you hear about GEARYS?
    It's a funny story. We went to register at another store, but they basically give you a registry scanner and you're on your own. It was overwhelming. Then we spoke to a saleswomen...who said "I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but you should try registering at GEARYS." My mom immediately said, "Oh, of course! Why didn't we think of that - it was THE place to register when I was getting married?"

    What was your experience like?
    We would think of an excuse to go. Mitchell and I would say "Hey, how about we have lunch in Beverly Hills just so we could go." [Our Registry Consultant] Lorelei was sweet. She was almost like a mother figure! When you find someone who loves their job and is excited about it, you feel that too! I trusted her advice. She really encouraged us to use our china. She said "Eat pizza on it - anything, just use it!"

    Is there anything on your registry that is particularly meaningful?
    Mitchell's great aunt couldn't make it to our wedding but she gave us our Christofle serving pieces. We actually used them at our wedding to cut the cake! A few months later, she passed away. It was a way for her to be a part of our wedding, in spirit. We'll always have that memory. Our china was given to me by grandmother as well. I also plan to pass down my Christofle silverware to my daughter, just like my mother did with a few of her pieces.

    What do you think of GEARYS credit system?
    I love GEARYS credit system. It's so convenient! I don't understand why every store doesn't have. I wish they did!

    Would you consider shopping at GEARYS post-registry?
    We already have! We had a little credit left, so we bought a few things for the baby! [Alexandra and Mitchell are expecting their first child.]