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A true ode to the beauty of flora, Passifolia is the fruit of an artisanal adventure and an exploration of innovative know-how. The service offers an immersion in a universe that is both dreamlike and incredibly real, with floral and other more foliage-based compositions. Plates, platters and cups spread out across the table and form landscapes that invite contemplation.


Hermès La Table

Calling upon generations of skill and sophisticated Parisian style, Hermès’ line sustains their uncompromising standards of quality and craftsmanship. Hermès Dinnerware adds a luxurious, yet functional touch to any table.

Explore all Hermès dinnerware collections complete with a full range of chargers, and plates for dinner, dessert and bread & butter.

Hermès Gifting

Beautifully presented in the brand's signature orange box tied with a Bolduc ribbon, explore the unique gifting selection of vide poches, sushi trays, mugs and coasters in the classic patterns or novelty designs. Give the gift of a exceptional Hermès piece.

Tea & Coffee Time

From its signature graphic patterns to the flora and fauna motifs present in teapots, tea cup and saucers, and coffee mugs, these unique pieces will be conversation starters in social gatherings.

Discover Hermès’ exceptional tea and coffee selection in all the brand's collections.