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Saint Louis Folia Portable Lamp, Dark Wood with a Brass Satin Finish


The Folia Portable Lamp in Dark Wood with a Brass Satin Finish is undoubtedly one of the most iconic pieces of the collection and, more broadly, of Saint Louis’ entire lighting range. It is admired for its pure shapes, rich cuts of deep beveled crystal, and the exceptional reflections it projects. The Folia portable lamp accompanies its user to illuminate a table, an office, or even a patio - the contemporary design suits many decorating styles. The crystal decor, cut with geometric bevels, blossoms into its verdant form where it meets the wood. Its glow reveals the brilliance of the beveled cuts and the finesse of the graphics.

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Home Décor Lighting
Material Crystal
SKU 2504-1265
Details & Care

Rechargeable, the lamps is working with a LED technology and a lithium-ion battery (battery life of up to 25 hours) and can be used indoors and outdoors as long as not exposed to moisture.


Remove the dust from the wood & the crystal with a soft fabric as often as you wish.

If the wooden lid is very dusty, clean it with a slightly damp non abrasive sponge and dry it afterwards with a dry, lint-free cloth.

Avoid direct exposure to sun or to display the lamp close to a heat source.

Do not use any detergent product.