Somewhere in Joshua Tree...

They Have Created a Monster



Inspired by the otherworldly landscape of Joshua Tree, the Los Angeles-based artists and brothers Simon and Nikolai Haas worked in close collaboration with Elad Yifrach, Creative Director at L'OBJET, to bring to life a family of characterful creatures with the highest quality of finish and function.

These are objects to be cherished. In using them, everyday moments become memorable; the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Haas Mojave Vase, Extra Large


Haas Gila Monster Vase, Large


Haas Lazy Susan Catchall Tray, White/Gold


Haas Lynda Box & Set of 4 Plates


Haas Lazy Susan Catchall Tray, Black/Gold


Haas Lynda Box & Set of 4 Plates


Haas Mojave Small Dessert Bowl, White & Gold


Haas Gold Niki & Simon Salt & Pepper Shakers


Haas Djuna Coffe & Tea Pot, White


Haas Mojave Palm Candle


Haas Lynda Box & Set of 4 Plates


Haas Monster Ball Napkin Rings, Set of 4


Wild Things: L'Objet Haas Brothers Book


Haas Optipus Magnifying Glass


Haas Stationary Box, Set of 12


 Founded in 2004, L’OBJET was born at intersection of meticulous craftsmanship and timeless sensibility. Today, the brand continues to set standards in the luxury lifestyle industry, while still employing many of the same craftspeople whom Elad Yifrach, Creative Director for the brand, met on his early travels.