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Seaman Schepps


Seaman Schepps presents ICONS & SIGNATURES, a recent exhibition of their most iconic pieces, worn by some of the boldest and most famous women of the 20th century.

Admire a few select items from the exhibition courtesy of Seaman Schepps President & CEO Anthony Hopenhajm and join us as we continue to celebrate a legacy of beauty.

In a time before Seaman Schepps, classics were thought to be born from elemental simplicity. But then suddenly a woman walks in with a pair of iridescent shells, delicately accented in luminous gold and vibrant turquoise, peaking through her hair and an icon is born. Not the women, but her earrings.

The Seaman Schepps “Turbo Shell” earrings instantly became modern classics, beloved by Jackie O, and the epitome of Schepps’ signature combination of unexpected materials, vivid colors, and mesmerizing craftsmanship. Fearlessly gorgeous, his pieces attracted women who shared his jewelry’s bold beauty, resulting in a client list of the 20th century’s most fascinating women.

As the decades past, pieces like the bubble earrings of the Duchess of Windsor and Doris Duke’s especially commissioned brooch fell into the private collection of Seaman Schepps. Like the women who once wore these jewels, President and CEO Anthony Hopenhajm was not content to let their beauty sit slighted in a cold safe. He combed the archives and brought “Icons & Signatures” to life, an exhibition of thirty-seven iconic pieces that were recently open to the public at GEARYS Beverly Hills. Ahead of the exhibition’s debut, Hopenhajm sat down with GEARYS for an exclusive preview.

With a bracelet of emeralds and diamonds surrounding natural coral polished to the gleam of gold in his hands, it is clear that few understand the revolutionary artful spirit of Seaman Schepps better Hopenhajm. “His jewelry was the opposite of the very modern, stark jewelry of the time. It was flattering, feminine. In all the pieces, one sees movement. What was so refreshing about the pieces that you will see is that they aren’t perfectly aligned squares or symmetrical rounds, they’re all different shapes. It’s something that’s spontaneous and makes them a little bit joyful.”

As you pass from jewel to jewel, with the occasional famous face framed beside it, it becomes more and more difficult to determine who the icon truly is. When asked of about the role that the women of the exhibition have played in the legacy of Seaman Schepps, Hopenhajam smiles knowingly. “It’s more like what the jewelry played in the legacy of these famous women!”

For those that wish to be iconic in their own right, browse our selection of stunning Seaman Schepps jewelry here.