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American Design

Set your inspiration on fire with pieces designed by talented American artists for a beautiful "homegrown" feel.

Interior design dates all the way back to the time of castles and kings. Décor has long since been used to create a welcoming, personal environment—and even one you can change with the seasons. The interior of your home is a unique reflection of you. From photo walls to curio cabinets, the way you decorate your living space is important. Helping you love your space, taking it from just a house to your home, is what GEARYS is here to help you do.From the trendy to the classically beautiful, our collections have something for everyone and we’re here to set your inspiration on fire with pieces designed by talented American artists for an excellent “homegrown” feel. Whether you’re looking to design your entire house in a patriotic American theme, or are simply looking for little touches you can add to each room, GEARYS has what you need.


Small trinets add a thoughtful Americana element to any living room. End tables, coffee tables, and even a mantel provide perfect workspaces to weave in some of our favorite American designers. Our favorite way to do this is with a mix of Hartland Hurricanes in various sizes from Simon Pearce to create a stunning arrangement. You can fill them with a candle, flowers, or even potpourri. Whatever you choose, it adds a personalized touch. Set the expertly crafted frosted bowl from Annieglass, either adorned with marbles or empty, next to the hurricane jars, and you’ve created an artful way to display two prominent American glassworkers.

If you have a bar cart in your living room, or a small wet bar, Mary Jurek's Los Angeles-based luxury goods company has stunning silver pieces you don’t want to miss. The Cosmo 4-Piece barware set is a must have for any mixologist. No bar cart is complete without an elegant shaker, and we recommend the Helyx Cocktail Shaker for a sophisticated touch. Don’t forget the glasses! Hampton Barware would not only create an upscale feel, but add a little Americana to your bar.


Though not all of us have a home office, these thoughtful pieces are perfect for a den or formal living room as well. Creating an office that is uniquely you without falling way to over-cluttering is key when decorating. A few simple touches from talented American designers will go a long way. Always know the time with the sophisticated Woodbury Clock from Simon Pearce. Its modern American design is perfect for any home office. Display your favorite books between these beautifully designed Agate Bookends by Anna New York and people will talk about both. Last but not least, bringing in a Hartland Hurricane from Simon Pearce will tie the office in with your living room through a small, subtle detail.


Your dining table is an often overlooked place to express yourself. The combination of colors and table settings you choose says a lot about you. Creating a simple, yet elegant, table setting to have displayed even when you’re not eating will give your house a “lived in” warm feeling. Wooden bowls can evoke a feeling of a bygone colonial America, and Andrew Pearce has a collection fit to display on your table all year round. All of these stunning black walnut bowls can be decorative place settings, and used for family meals. If you fancy a more modern America, Kelly Wearstler's dinnerware pieces combine classic American design work with modern features for a fun and expressionist set of plating. We just love the Doheny collection. The splash of gold creates an upscale look. Finish off the table by setting up a thoughtful centerpiece. Group three to five of the Hartland Candlesticks together with your choice of candle color and your dining room is set.


Bring some of our favorite American designers into your most personal space—the bedroom. Keeping the space minimal and functional still allows you to showcase talented American designers without overwhelming the room. Thoughtful pieces from Annieglass add sophistication, beauty and function to any room. Place your trinkets on a Roman Antique Gold Three Section Tray. This modern piece adds a storage option and doesn’t overwhelm your room. Pair it with the smaller Gold Plate on your nightstand to tie the room together.


While many keep their kitchen free of design elements, so they have more space to prepare their gourmet meals, these classic touches are functional and pretty. Flowers always add a welcoming and visually appealing glow to any room. Select your favorites and create a stunning piece for anywhere on your counter by arranging them in the Simon Pearce Woodbury Square Vase. The Omega Sugar and Creamer pieces are darling and an artful way to keep your sugar and creamer near the coffee pot for easy access while remaining pleasing to the eye. Finally, also next to your coffee and tea station, bring a little charming fun to your counter décor with the Melitta Honey Pot.

Small touches from American designers throughout your home is a classy way to showcase some of the best artists in America without feeling like you’ve stepped out of your personal design choices. For more fantastic design options, shop our entire collection.

Yours Truly,
Tom and the GEARYS Team