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Desktop Décor

Give your workspace a chic, smart and sophisticated makeover.

If you’re like most, you spend hours a week behind a desk – whether at home or in an office. Your desk should be a representation of you, just as your home is and adding elegant accessories the way to do that. GEARYS offers an exquisite selection of accoutrements to revamp your work area, but none provide a more polished, professional look than those from Christofle.

A tidy desk not only presents a professional appearance, but is proven to increase productivity, efficiency and profitability. Organize your clutter with the Madison 6 Mail Tray. Silver-plated in the finest Christofle silver, this tray features smooth, clean lines and a unique repeating hexagonal pattern — an ode to the brand’s stamp. If you’re the type of person that likes to manage their mess with neat piles, then this tray is perfect for setting your mail aside or for stacking important documents. Beautiful on its own, it looks fabulous when paired with more pieces from the Madison collection such as the Business Card Tray and the Pencil Tray. Together or alone the pieces in this set allow you to stylishly coordinate your space.

There’s no better way to put a personal touch on your workspace than with photos of family or loved ones. This handsome, low-profile Transatlantique silver-plated frame is fashioned after the collection created for the steamship Normandie – the legendary French liner that launched in 1935. Its attractive design will definitely draw attention to its spot on your desk but because of its stature, your eye line won’t be disrupted during meetings.

A good desk design should be clean and vibrant. Add a little green plant, liven up your space, add a touch of color and provide an extra boost of fresh air while you work indoors. So as not to distract you from your main purpose, a small clear crystal vessel, like the Malmaison Crystal Vase, will look splendid sitting amongst your belongings. With two sizes to choose from, you can actually combine them for one eye-catching display.

Finally, no desk would be complete without a small stash-all for the tiny bits and pieces you often find in an office. The Elementaire Vide Poches is the ideal container to hold all of your safety pins, thumbtacks and other items in order to keep your desk neat and clean. It also makes a dainty candy dish that you can fill with your favorite treats to share with colleagues.

At the end of the day, who doesn't want to work in style? GEARYS has everything you need to give your desk a chic, smart and sophisticated makeover. Just remember, not to clutter up your desk with all of your accessories. After all, you’ve still got work to do! To shop our entire collection of Christofle click here.

Yours Truly,
Tom and The GEARYS Team