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Michael Aram: Calla Lily Collection

Beautiful, fragrant, timeless pieces of nature’s art

From weddings to birthdays, flowers are gifted all around us. One of the most tasteful variety, the Calla Lily, serves as an effortless piece to create works of art. The sleek curved shape is not only modern but elegant. Meaning “beauty” in Greek, Calla Lilies make for stunning centerpieces and absolutely breathtaking bouquets at weddings; which have always been sought after by brides no matter the decade to make their wedding day memorable and beautiful for all in attendance. The purity of the ivory-white color evokes feelings of romance, sensuality, and beauty. Michael Aram has thoughtfully captured the essence of a Calla Lily as part of a collection perfect to keep memories of your special day alive around you in your home.

The qualities of a Calla Lily that make it ideal for weddings and romance are precisely what caught Michael Aram’s attention and inspired him to design a line around the elegant flower. "I was thinking of the romance of weddings and how bouquets often use flowers which carry symbolism. I remembered a picture of a woman I had seen holding her bouquet of Calla Lilies. She was classic, timeless, and modern all at once. There is something so alluring about the billowy flowers and arching stems which feel contemporary, yet still utterly romantic." With his Calla Lily collection, Michael Aram wanted to bring about the timeless romance Calla Lilies evoke. Each piece was designed with that in mind and offers you a way to bring the emotions of your wedding day home—either because you included the sought after Calla Lilies for your floral arrangements or through the way their delicate shape brings about a feeling of love and romance.

Without a doubt, the moment of your wedding when time stands still is your first kiss as husband and wife, and there’s no better memory to showcase the cherished photo at your bedside than inside the Calla Lily Frame. Additionally, if you ever remove your wedding band while you sleep to preserve the precious stone, the Calla Lily Nut Dish works perfectly as a ring holder. Though not its intention upon creation, the beautiful design and delicate Calla Lilies that adorn the dish bring yet another way to tie moments from your wedding into your personal space.

Whether embellishing your coffee table or placed in the kitchen as a centerpiece, the Calla Lily Vase is a beautiful way to bring home blissful wedding memories. This vase doesn’t require Calla Lilies, though they would look stylish peeking out the top. You can choose to fill the vase with blooms that fit your style or embrace the lasting memories of your wedding by placing flowers from your special day inside. Pair the vase with a candle to invite romance into sweet scents into any room. Either grouped together or standing solo, the Calla Lily Candle is a piece you will want in your collection.

While many couples keep trinkets from their big day, if you were able to take home the champagne toast bottle or had personalized bottles made, Michael Aram has a thoughtful and romantic way you can display it. The Coaster and Topper Set add a dash of elegance and your cherished bottle will have a breath of new life. To compliment, the Oval Tray is a décor piece that can become a sleek catchall tray for those other personalized memorabilia.

Shop the entire Michael Aram Calla Lily collection to find a piece that fits your style.

Yours Truly,
Tom and the GEARYS Team