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Perfect Table Setting for Passover

Seder is a time when both friends and family come together to commemorate and honor the journey their ancestors took for freedom long ago. With the ritual dinner being one of the most important parts of the holiday, it’s time to think about all the elements needed to host your Seder. We know that planning for holidays can be stressful, so our team is making it easy by recommending beautiful items to accent your Seder table with this year.

Kiddush Cup

For more of a classic appearance, the Spode Blue Room Kiddush Cup boasts historic Jewish manuscript from the 1880s and sports the traditional Judaic colors—white and blue. If the traditional route isn’t your cup of tea, dress up your table with the Michael Aram Kiddush (link to object pending) cup for a more modern, minimalistic look.

Seder Plate

For an elevated look, we recommend the hand-painted Gold Seder Plate or a Black and Gold Marble Plate. For an artistic and conventional display, the Louvre Seder Plate and Dish Set will frame the symbolic foods with designs inspired by architectural motifs.

Matza Plate

Complete your Seder table with a Square Matza Plate in Gold. The clear texturized glass reveals hand painted Hebrew inscription in 24-karat gold and pairs well with contemporary or classic dinnerware.

Mazel Tov Plate

Finalize your table with a serving dish that displays tradition and style. Whether you’re serving dessert or other items, the Blue Room Mazel Tov Plate will surround your treats with beautiful color and Judaic manuscript. Not limited to one holiday, continue the celebration with this plate during other festivities such as weddings, Sabbath and more.

All of these items are available in store or online at

Yours Truly,

Tom and the GEARYS Team