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Studio Life/Style

Partners in the design firm Studio Life/Style, Shannon Wollack and Brittany Zwickl are known for their California luxe style, seamlessly blending indoors and outdoors and mixing natural materials for a luxuriously casual look.

“We like to always have a moment of impact or something unique. Whether it’s a custom piece, art, or something for your eye, having a strong element for each room balances everything else around it and grounds the room,” Wollack says of their fresh and layered style.

Of picking key pieces to accessorize a design, Zwickl says, “Accessorizing is an art in itself, balancing and layering, and very different from designing. You really need to have access to a lot of different vendors and materials to make it look eclectic and worldly thought out.”

“A piece that’s classic and timeless with a contemporary shape can be decorative and still serve a purpose.”

“The mix of materials and textures add personality and the pieces become statements on their own.”

Here are a few recommendations from the design duo on GEARYS accessories that layer beautifully. Shown below are the Christofle MOOD NOMADE Stainless Tray with Leather Handles, the Ralph Lauren Wyatt Stainless Leather Coasters, Set of Four as well as the Stainless Steel & Leather Nut Bowl from the same collection. To learn more about Studio Life/Style, visit their website here.