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Savoring The Sweet Life

A lovely afternoon #UpstairsAtGEARYS celebrating tradition, beauty, and freshly baked treats.

Nothing is sweeter than a delectable dessert, which is why we were thrilled that our latest #UpstairsAtGEARYS event was a fantastic Sweet Laurel Cookbook signing. We were honored to host the talented artists behind the recipes - our dear friends Laurel Galluci (@sweetlaurelbakery) and Claire Thomas (@kitchykitchen). "GEARYS has always been one of our favorite brands to partner with," shared Laurel. "They have an appreciation for beautiful things and have that classic, nostalgic feel along with all the tools to entertain beautifully." And #EntertainBeautifully is exactly what we did in celebration of Laurel & Claire's new cookbook! Our #UpstairsAtGEARYS space was transformed into a veritable bakery, complete with a champagne bar and an assortment of freshly baked treats for our VIP guests.

The Sweet Laurel Cookbook features an array of scrumptious desserts that are perfect for people that are practicing grain-free, gluten-free, refined sugar-free and/or dairy-free diets. It is not every day that such delightful treats are shared with the world, and this cookbook will fill a void in the market. We had a splendid time and loved seeing precious moments between those attending as they enjoyed an afternoon of delicacies and fun.

Laurel and Claire are more than just fantastic bakers, they’re also moms. Moms who know the importance of a healthy, and delicious, dessert. "All of the recipes in our book and the recipes we use at Sweet Laurel are so inspired by the past," shared Claire. "It's inspired by the cakes we grew up eating, the cakes our moms grew up enjoying, the tea parties that we used to enjoy as little girls." That same nostalgic inspiration is what has driven GEARYS to uphold our tradition of entertaining beautifully for over 88 years.

As guests arrived, they were greeted with fragrant cream, yellow and pale pink floral bouquets that sat atop gorgeous tables covered with pastel designs and charming ivy. The bouquets brought a hint of floral fragrance to the space and looked beautiful set in the Large Alfredo Vase and Dual Carrara Gold Bud Vase. The Woman Max Candle added a delicate aroma, enhancing the ambiance in our #UpstairsAtGEARYS space. The room was dressed elegantly allowing our guests to feel as if they’d stepped into a high tea party. It also provided a beautiful backdrop for an afternoon of pastries and mingling, while the sweet scent of baked goods and flowers leant itself to inspiring a peaceful retreat.

Laurel and Claire selected seven tasty recipes to share with our guests in addition to an afternoon with them and the opportunity to get a signed edition of their cookbook. Several cakes, brownie bites and snickerdoodle cookies were freshly baked that morning using recipes straight from the cookbook. Not only did they look perfect, they tasted divine!

Our bar was transformed into a picturesque backdrop of a cookbook signing as well. Continuing the elegant style present on the tables, the Three-Tier White Marble Server was at the bar with treats for our guests as they selected complimentary beverages. The Michael Aram Butterfly Gingko Cake Stand beautifully displayed a selection of desserts.

The Sweet Laurel Cookbook had a place of honor on a separate table and looked splendid in front of our feature wall. Three of the shared cakes and flower bouquets adorned the table, with brilliant green and gold L’Objet dessert plates adding a splash of color – and the cake slices looked stunning served on them as well.

From our crystal cake stands to porcelain dessert plates and the subtle accents that graced our #UpstairsAtGEARYS space, each piece exuded a sense of timeless luxury and elegant beauty. "When you have something like a beautiful plate from your grandmother, you start thinking about the beautiful meals she prepared on that plate. And that inspires you to also create beautiful meals, and then it creates this amazing continuity."

Elegant crystal pieces, such as the William Yeoward Olive Comport dish and the Waterford Lismore Cake Plate added a dash of comfort and a feeling of home to the space on our main table. Scrumptious treats were served on the stunning Kiva Rose Quartz Platter from ANNA – adding a touch of glam to the room.

Guests were not only able to meet the talented chefs behind the Sweet Laurel Bakery Cookbook, but to sample the delightful recipe options for themselves by the creators. A cookbook helps at-home chefs to whip up masterpieces, but there is always something special when you are able to taste it straight from the creator.

While enjoying the exceptional cakes, guests sipped on champagne and sparkling water, along with almond milk for our young attendees provided by Laurel & Claire's friends from @mylk. It was an afternoon filled with laughter, good food, amazing company, and beautiful inspiration.

In addition to tasty cakes and good times, GEARYS hosted an Instagram contest for one winner to receive the William Yeoward Crystal cake stand that was displayed on our main table at the event. Katie Nhem, our winner, now has a perfect way to #EntertainBeautifully and display the goodies she bakes from the Sweet Laurel Cookbook in style - a classic piece that she will be able to treasure and keep for all the special moments to come.

"With GEARYS, we love the sense that they keep the past alive because of the heirloom quality of everything they carry, but it still is presented in a really current way that resonates with people in our age group," shared Claire. "It really does reflect a lot of what Sweet Laurel is doing, which is looking to the past for inspiration but still being very current for today."

We are so pleased to have spent the afternoon with the brilliant ladies from Sweet Laurel Bakery, and we look forward to sharing more beautiful moments with all of you.

Yours truly,
Tom & the GEARYS team

* Photos & video by Noteworthy Collective