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The Baccarat Takeover

A Unique Crystal Experience

GEARYS partnered with Baccarat to curate a selection of featured pieces for the #BaccaratTakeover - an exclusive crystal installation located at our flagship store, on display for a limited time. In celebration of this unique crystal experience, a launch party hosted by ELLE Décor's Editor-in-Chief, Whitney Robinson, showcased the Baccarat décor, tabletop & lighting in a modern way. Over 300 guests including VIP clientele, interior designers, press, and social media influencers were able to witness the beauty, elegance, and perfection of Baccarat throughout the night, drawing inspiration from each of the exquisite pieces.

This extraordinary #UpstairsAtGEARYS event launched the art installation, and celebrity guests including Kris Jenner, Lance Bass, and Allison Janney were among the select few to see many of Baccarat's prestige pieces for the first time on the west coast. Attendees were able to experience the true beauty of the products up close & in person. The "Shatter Expectations" broken crystal step & repeat added a unique experience to the evening, as guests snapped selfies and admired the art panels perfection, with each broken piece perfectly placed to showcase its beauty.

Though the event was in honor of the #BaccaratTakeover, the night and the attendees were there for more. They were there for the memories. It was about moments—the moments created every day and how those moments tie back to the art that is Baccarat. Throughout the years, many things have changed, but one thing that has remained constant is our belief in the importance of celebrating the moments that matter in life, and we are always humbled to be a part of that celebration with our clients. Fortunately, that is an idea that we share with Jim Shreve, President & CEO of Baccarat North America, as he too believes that no matter the age, people come together and create memories over beautiful items.

For over 300 years, Baccarat has become synonymous with perfection, and we feel the evening excelled at showing such perfection. From sculptures to stemware and dazzling chandeliers to vases, the evening was a true showcase of the beautiful depth and breadth of Baccarat's crystal collections.

As the evening progressed, guests enjoyed Contemporary Catering's tray passed hors d'oeuvres fit for royalty as they conversed, gazed at the art and made memories of their own. Specialty cocktails were crafted by Rémy Martin, and crystal flutes filled with champagne showcased the beauty of Baccarat barware.

Calla Lilies sat like open fans in stunning Baccarat Ginko Vases on tables and were merely the start to eye-catching ensembles. Stunning sculptures of the Eagle Owl, Pegasus and more captivated the imagination and brought new possibilities to life for “Baccarat Everyday.” The Limited Edition Jeu Chess Set captured and reflected light brilliantly—making it a perfect piece for careful play and conversation.

Baccarat lighting shined bright, captivating all who walked near. Mille Nuits Candelabra, fit for castles, sparkled on tables. However, the pièce de résistance truly was a Le Roi Soleil Chandelier. A gift in lighting, the spherical chandelier with crystal lamp shades and the traditional Baccarat signature piece served as a memory-making piece for all.

Jim said it best, “Every day is all we have, we have to use it and create memory.” So please, come and enjoy the splendor of the Baccarat in person, browse our collection, and begin making memories with GEARYS.

Yours Truly,
Tom and the GEARYS Team