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Vera Wang - In Her Element

Vera Wang sits with GEARYS to set the scene for an elegantly entertaining life.

How would you describe your collections with Wedgwood?
I design each piece with a modern approach to classic style and the attention to detail that is reflected in each of my collections. The collections blend subtlety with sophistication and the results are elegant, timeless and luxurious - live it, enjoy it. Positioned at the highest end of the luxury market, they’re perfect for wedding tableware but are also accessible for people to enjoy using in everyday life. Each range features an artistic, modern and luxurious design and a couture-like quality.

Does your work in interiors reflect your fashion collections or do you see them as separate entities?
I love designing because it enables me to express myself in so many mediums and to constantly grow and see something in a new way. It’s not only in the clothing that you wear, it’s in the products that you use. I might take ready-to-wear details and put them on dinnerware. It’s that cross-pollination that gives me a wonderfully unlimited vocabulary which makes for a more exciting design.

How different is it designing for interiors (tableware or giftware) vs. fashion?
I think designing for the home is really exciting, because the same techniques that we explore in fabrication and design in clothing is what we’re trying to express for the home as well. And I think that’s an extremely modern concept, and a concept that lets us approach design from a totally fresh way.

Can you talk about the appeal of white to you as designer?
I am forever experimenting with white. The marriage of different whites provides depth, dimension and texture without the distraction of color.

Is there any medium you'd like to design in/for that you haven't already tried?
In 2010 we launched Vera Wang Bedding collection with Revman International. I feel bedding makes a room - it can even inspire a whole house. So I’d like to take my passion for interior design further, perhaps with collections for the entire home in the future.

What is your favorite room in your home and why?
My bedroom- it’s my favorite place to design. It’s the place that I feel the most relaxed and the most secure and probably, the most rested.

Is there someone/something that has played a key role in inspiring your work?
I have always been inspired by art – all kinds, all periods.

As you have travelled the globe, is there a particular place that comes to mind for providing inspiration to you?
Paris is like my second home, I love the experiences I’ve had there and the beauty of the city always inspires me.