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Old World Form Meets Modern Function

Function over form gave us a generation of boxy, plastic hard drives. Now, Christofle brings the ‘mind of modernity’ into the 21st century with the Apple-adored and gorgeously reflective LaCie Sphère.

Leave it to Christofle to show a generation of tech upstarts how to bring a product into the 21st century. Decades of development saw the hard drive go from a 2,000 pound machine that held less than one song to a single pound device that stored hundreds of thousands. But function dominated form, and aesthetics were lost to a generation of boxy plastic drives destined to be hidden away in desk drawers. That is, until Christofle brought its art de vivre to the mind and memory of our daily digital lives. Introducing the mind of modernity, cast in silver - the LaCie Sphère by Christofle.

The LaCie Sphère maybe be the most beautiful piece of technology you will ever own – or art, depending on who you ask. This one terabyte silverplated steel hard drive is the current obsession of style, art, and gadget blogs alike. Gorgeously reflective and innovative down to the atom, it is one of the first products to be treated with the unique SilverEver treatment, a protective treatment that delays the oxidation of silver and silverplate. As one of Apple’s top picks as a Mac accessory, the Sphère is clearly as functional as it is beautiful. It features high-speed USB 3.0, which makes file transfers and backups nearly three times faster than with USB 2.0. Its 1TB of storage also gives you enough space for years of backups or an extensive photo, video, and music library. It is even powered through the USB cable, so no power cord is ever necessary.

Handcrafted and silvered in France, with embedded technology by LaCie, the Sphère adds prestige to any business or home office. Compliment its mirror-finish with one of our favorite Christofle silver accents in our feature product bar on the right.

Since 1830, Christofle has mastered the art of working with silver, rendering that material sublime and special: it is shiny without ostentation, intelligent without pretense, and versatile yet sincere. The silversmith's know-how concentrated in its factory in Yainville, Normandy, guarantees that Christofle products meet the highest standards of quality.

The house style resides between heritage and modernity, mirroring in silver the reflection of all the major currents in decorative arts. Then, as now, Christofle bends silver to the aesthetic vocabularies of great artists, from Man Ray and Cocteau to avant-gardist architects such as Gio Ponti, modernist silversmiths such as Lino Sabattini, and contemporary giants of design such as Andrée Putman, Ora-Ito and Marcel Wanders.

Through its creations, whether they were intended for the tables of an Emperor, a Maharajah, the Orient Express, transatlantic steamers or contemporary interiors the world over, Christofle offers a very personal take on art de vivre, the art of living: it is a subtle mix of sensitivity, conviviality and shared pleasures. Spirit and elegance, those special companions to life's most precious moments, are found in everything we do.