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Patek Philippe Presented By GEARYS

The boutique, operated by GEARYS, a fixture in the Los Angeles high-end retail world since 1930, is Patek Philippe’s first stand-alone store in the United States, which now joins other company salons in Geneva, Paris and London.

“We are extremely proud to partner with GEARYS,” said Pettinelli, President of Patek Philippe USA. “They have become a tremendous advocate for Patek Philippe in the southern California region, and they have a genuine understanding and respect for the Patek Philippe culture. We are confident that GEARYS will not only safeguard the brand but also provide a wonderful environment and resource for their esteemed clientele.”

To commemorate the opening in 2012, Patek Philippe created a one-of-a-kind cloisonné enamel dome clock, especially for GEARYS. The clock depicts California’s state bird, the valley quail; a prized game bird with exquisite and colourful features.

The new 1,250 square-foot boutique, located on Rodeo Drive, features the work of French designer Patrick Gaguech, whose respect for tradition gives the new boutique an elegant, nostalgic style. Emphasizing Art Deco design, the boutique features a VIP lounge as well as a custom chandelier, created by Gaguech, who also designed the other Patek Philippe salons.

“Expanding our partnership with Patek Philippe to open the first freestanding boutique in the U.S. is an exciting opportunity for us,” said Thomas J. Blumenthal, owner of GEARYS Beverly Hills. ”Not only is Patek Philippe the world’s most admired and prestigious watchmaker, it is also a family-run company like we are and is one that shares many of our core values here at GEARYS.”