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Behind The Design: Nambe Infinity

Inside the Nambé Infinity Collection with Wei Young

Award-winning Nambé designer Wei Young takes us behind the design of the Infinity Collection, a meditation on the infinite appeal of an iconic symbol as it is transformed into art for everyday living.

Like so many great arts, Nambe’s Infinity Collection began with an artist, a sketch on a pad of paper, and meditation on the nature of infinity. Or more specifically, the form. “The Infinity collection started from just doodling the infinity symbol. I’ve always had an affinity for the infinity symbol for its fluidity, its wonderful curves, its endlessness. I wanted to tie that into a whole collection,” award-winning Nambé designer Wei Young tell us in a behind-the-design video of Nambe’s stunning collection.

But unlike so many high arts, Nambé is designed for everyday living. Their signature metal alloy gives its serveware and home décor pieces a gorgeous gleam with the luster of silver, the strength of iron and an entirely unique versatility that can go from oven to table while still being entirely comfortable on display in a museum of modern art.

“The Infinity Collection is elegant, but made to be used every day. You can utilize these bowls for putting in fruit and displaying them as a centerpiece. Or you can use them as a hot or cold server. The Nambé alloy is great to come straight from the oven and right to the table or put in your freezer and put shrimp cocktail in there! ”

Neither limited to dinnerware or museum displays, Young’s art is open to interpretation, welcoming innovative uses and seamless integration among Nambe’s wider assortment of award-winning products.

“There’s different design languages throughout the whole collection and what’s nice about that is you’re able to mix and match with existing Nambé pieces. In the collection, there is something for everyone.”

Explore infinite beauty through our favorite INFINITY COLLECTION pieces by NAMBÉ.
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New Mexico, 1951
A family-owned company. Nambé began during modernism's mid-century design movement. Today, our pieces transcend trends and generations. Each piece we craft must carry an undeniable beauty, artistic integrity, uncompromised quality and function beyond compare. Nambé is art designed for everyday living.

Museum Quality
From The British Museum in London to the Museum of Modern Art in New York, you'll find Nambé designs exhibited in collections of museums around the globe.

Crafted by Hand
Nambé combines fine materials with hand craftsmanship and design from the world's most esteemed artists. Our signature metal alloy (and a 15-step casting process) ensures Nambé metal designs have the beauty and luster of silver, the strength of iron and will not crack, chip or tarnish.