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Go behind the scenes with Rahaminov, as the fresh new face of the brand finds her ‘model moment’.

With Rahaminov, a model moment is only a diamond away. Or so it seems as we watch top model Paige Butcher slip on Rahaminov and fall into her element as the new face of the brand. She isn’t the first to compliment the cameras with a glimmer of Rahaminov’s exquisitely crafted diamonds. It is an open secret of Hollywood that wherever a red carpet is rolled out, Rahaminov diamonds can’t be far behind. The old saying might need refinement: a diamond might be a girl’s best friend, but the talented and confident woman prefers the company of Rahaminov diamonds.

About Rahaminov Diamonds
From magnificent engagement rings to red carpet-worthy statement necklaces, bracelets, brooches, earrings and rings, each piece from Rahaminov Diamonds is rare and breathtaking - a timeless jewel sure to be treasured from generation to generation - truly the ultimate in luxury and style.

Exquisitely manufactured to exacting standards, even the most modest offerings of Rahaminov Diamond jewelry are of meticulous quality. Each piece of jewelry designed by Tamara Rahaminov Goldfiner is one-of-a-kind, and customized around the beautiful diamonds that inspire the designs.

Tamara understands what women and men want to have in their jewelry wardrobe - jewelry that is classic but has a stylish edge and is versatile enough for day and evening wear. The charismatic, blond beauty on the cover is seen adorned in a magnificent array of diamond creations that are stunningly beautiful all together yet at the same time if worn individually, would be durable enough to work with an active lifestyle. Her passion for design has made Rahaminov Diamonds renowned not only for its superb diamonds but also for its chic and highly collectible jewelry.

Rahaminov offers a wide assortment of designs incorporating colored stones and diamonds in platinum and 18k gold in various gold colors and textures. With a wide range of price points, Rahaminov Diamonds offers something that appeals to every woman and man. The company has been a trusted provider of top-quality, beautifully cut large and rare diamonds to fine jewelry retailers worldwide.