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Host An Easter Brunch

We've hand-selected the perfect pieces to decorate your Easter table this holiday!

Easter is a time for family, friends and new beginnings. Birds chirp happily, flowers bloom and the day is long and bright. Warm sunny rays invoke a sense of joy, but a picture-perfect table can truly pull visitors into the wonder of the holiday. A lovely indoor table, or a charming outdoor setting both deserve an essential spring touch to bring the holiday to life. The best part of an Easter meal is the lively, bright pops of color that can be found all around. Where ever you wish to serve the holiday meal, we are here to help.

Draping a crisp, white tablecloth is the perfect way to create a subtle background to help your springtime colors pop. It will also add a touch of elegance to your mid-morning meal. We love the Sferra Classico White Hemstitched Linen for that clean look. Linen napkins in a pop of color will create the first feels of spring to your table. We prefer the yellow Festival Butter Yellow Linens, perfect for encompassing the rays of the sun. If you’d prefer a different color, they come in a wonderful variety of springtime hues. Just remember to stick with one to keep your table feeling pulled together.

Your choice of dinnerware is the next step to creating a vibrant Easter feel. A subtle pop of pastel among floral accents is just the way to go for a brunch setting. We love Herend's Royal Garden Dinnerware. The hand-painted soft spring colors add even more intricate detail to the collection, with butterflies, flowers and leaves adorning the white porcelain as a great way to bring in the beauty of spring to your meal. Try pairing the simple, yet elegant Christofle MOOD flatware set out for the meal. The silverplate 24-piece collection is wonderful for the occasion with decorative piece acting as an accent for spring & Easter. No meal is complete without the quintessential brunch beverage. Whether its mimosas for the adults, or sweet orange juice for the younger guests, the orange hues will sparkle in the sun when served from the William Yeoward Country Pint Pitcher into the classic matching stemware.

The finishing touches on any Easter table is a splendid centerpiece. The Michael Aram Butterfly Ginkgo Candleholders are a wonderful final touch. With their delicate branches and golden winged butterflies, they tie into the season impeccably. White, vanilla tea light candles will add a hint of flavor to the air and a nice flicker of light. Of course, it wouldn’t be Easter without an adorable rabbit or two around! We love the Herend Fishnet Sitting Lop Ear Bunny and the matching Fishnet Bunny with the Golden Heart, because two are always better than one. The gold accents pair perfectly with the Michael Aram candleholders, and the hand painted blue pattern adds another pop of freshness to the spring themed table.

Whether you’re indoors or out for your gathering, your table will be the focal point of the space, drawing everyone to sit around it and enjoy a fun holiday meal. Shop our Spring Entertaining collection for other delightful Easter touches to add to the table and choose a few great gifts for your guests as well.

Yours Truly,
Tom & the GEARYS Team