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Red, White & Blue

Warm nights, evenings with friends, and fireworks are just a few of the wonderful things that make July so much fun.

Celebrating our country’s independence is more than just another reason to get together with friends. It’s a day to remember everything our country went through and to honor the red, white & blue of the American Flag. At GEARYS, we couldn’t help but want to add some of our favorite red, white and blue items to the mix. Spruce up your outfit with bits that sparkle or add a dash of patriotism to any table setting with these products.

There’s something satisfying about a delicate and beautifully made piece of jewelry. The reflection of light, the color of the materials used and the craftsmanship that goes into creating the piece are just a few reasons why your look could always use a few extra special accessories. Being the month of independence, we’ve selected our favorite red, white and blue jewelry to help you complete your look. You certainly do not need to wear all of these pieces at once, though we’ve made sure to select ones that complement each other should you wish too.

A wonderful way to wear red for the day is with our diamond & ruby pendant (also perfect because ruby is the birthstone for July). The ruby is encircled in a row of beautiful diamonds, giving them some added glitz. The white gold diamond sapphire ring from our signature collection is a gorgeous blue piece for everyday wear. The deep-blue circular sapphire sparkles effortlessly amidst a halo of diamonds in the summer sun. Wear it alone or pair it with a stunning wedding band for added delight. The Gucci Small Mother of Pearl Stainless Bracelet Watch is an elegant and alluring timepiece that easily transitions from day to night. The white mother of pearl face perfectly supplies white to your outfit and the diamond markers add the right amount of radiance. Last but not least, don’t forget to add this dazzling American Flag pin from our 351 collection to your wardrobe! Adorned with sapphires, rubies and diamonds it is the perfect way to showcase your patriotic spirit for America’s birthday.

Perhaps jewelry isn’t your cup of tea, or maybe, you want to decorate your home with an added splash of red, white and blue. We’ve selected stunning pieces to dress up your home décor and table for a festive 4th of July.

Make a bold red statement anywhere in your home with the Irish Lace Ruby Vase from Waterford. Like fireworks shooting into the night sky, the deep diamond cuts seemingly burst into an intricate Irish Lace pattern and the crimson color looks marvelous when filled with classic white roses. Accent your table with a touch of blue stemware with these beautiful sapphire blue flutes from Baccarat —the perfect finishing touch to any dinner party table this month. The Mille Nuits flute features a clear crystal base with a brilliant blue top that’s perfect to toast to the birth of America. Pick out your favorite bubbly and be ready to raise a glass in revelry. And an ideal way to serve up that champagne to yourself and guests is with the Sambonet stainless cooler and stand. With its mirror finish, this casually elegant pairing will reflect the color and beauty radiating from your table.

Keep the theme going by including red, white and blue plates, tablecloths and figurines around your home. No matter how you choose to dress up or decorate for July, be sure to check out all our favorite items here.

Yours Truly,
Tom & the GEARYS Team