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The Provence Collection By Lalique

Architecturally cut and geometrically minded, LALIQUE’s take on flora and fauna is nothing like you would expect and everything you could desire. For The Provence Collection, the French luxury lifestyle brand travels to the countryside of Provence, France, where the lavender hillside is dotted with the warm gold of honeycombs. By distilling the essence of its shape into the precise curves and contours of crystal, LALIQUE produces a fragment of nature, modern and immortalized.

In this new collection, LALIQUE takes us to a beautiful region in the South East of France. Its landscapes, the beauty of its ancient landmarks and its preserved nature are an invitation to an escape. In this dreamlike and stylized universe, flowing from the imagination of the artist, motifs of golden fields, bees or stylized honeycombs are carved into crystal, their movement waiting to be freed with a gust of wind. Symbols of prosperity, abundance, strength and vivacity, they come to life within the satin crystal.

The wax honeycombs built by bees to store their honey supply has amazed architects with the complexity and sophisticated structure of their design. Their fascinating beauty has inspired LALIQUE, culminating with the creation of the Rayons vases and bowls in clear or honey-like gold luster crystal. Exhibiting angles and curves, strength and grace, and satin and clear finishes, emblematic of LALIQUE, these true sculptures of light evoke a striking modernity. Through geometric repetition, the crystal honeycombs deliver transparency and profoundness to allow one to become lost in their depths. Their timeless design invites many different interpretations.

LALIQUE, sculptor of light uses a subtle elixir of exceptional know-how and daring creativity to immortalize nature through crystal. Explore their art come to life in The Provence Collection.

From the early 20th century art work of its founder René Lalique, to the iconic lifestyle brand of today, LALIQUE has endured for over a century as the ultimate symbol of French luxury. Inspired by Lalique’s original Art Deco creations, today’s designers and glassmakers continue to bring to life objet d’art, barware, jewelry, fragrance, furniture and interior fixtures. Through growing global expansion, ever evolving collections and partnerships with the world’s leading designers, balanced by a commitment to legendary standards of quality and craftsmanship, LALIQUE continues to thrive as a truly innovative lifestyle brand