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Puiforcat Puiforcat

Puiforcat works with metals of the finest quality - first and foremost sterling silver, the houses' emblematic material. Each and every piece crafted by Puiforcat out of this unparalleled metal bears the master's distinctive hallmark: a diamond or oval enclosing a penknife, flanked by the initials E and P for Emile Puiforcat, the house's founder. The quality of the sterling silver is also guaranteed by the Minerva Hallmark affixed to every sterling silver piece in accordance with the state decree.

Still inspired by the innovative spirit of Jean Puiforcat, as well as his passion for matching form with function, the house has incorporated new materials into its collections. Silver-plated metal, and more specifically steel, is used for a variety of product lines designed to fulfil contemporary needs without compromising on Puiforcat's incomparable quality.

Moreover, pure silver is distributed in priority on the most heavily used areas of the utensils, thus strengthening them for daily use and increasing their longevity. Puiforcat silver-plated tableware bears its own specific hallmark.